Professor Shareef Muhammad

  Director of Black Dawah Network

Professor Shareef Muhammad has taught Islamic Studies at Spelman University. Shareef Muhammad currently serves as the director of the Black Dawah Network. Shareef believes that Islam is a force for change as well as spiritually transforming and that the religion can serve as the bulwark for ameliorating the social conditions of African-Americans.  In 2015 Shareef was chosen to be a chief consultant on the After Malcolm Project which is a digital oral history archive that conducted interviews with African-American Muslims from the Civil Rights Era and collected artifacts. Their work was featured in exhibits at both Kennesaw State University and at the Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta Georgia. In 2018 the project project was adopted by George Mason University. Shareef holds a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in History from Central State University and a Masters degree in History from Kent State University where his thesis entitled The Cultural Jihad in the Antebellum South which details how enslaved African Muslims preserved their religious and cultural identity in bondage.

Hakeem Muhammad

  President of Black Dawah Network


Hakeem Muhammad is an African-American Muslim from Chicago’s Southside.  Witnessing friends of his die from gang-violence at early ages influenced him to start the Black Dawah Network in order to promote Islamic virtues and ethics in inner-city Black communities.  Muhammad is a Public Interest Law Scholar and has assisted litigation to combat police brutality against African-American communities and increase access to halal food for African-American  Muslim prisoners. Prior to law school, Muhammad served as an instructor at debate institutes at Harvard University, U.C Berkeley, and Michigan State.  As a student, Muhammad was selected for the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers fellowship that pairs students to work under top criminal defense practitioners in the country.



                                                                                                                              Shadid Lewis

                Black Dawah Network Lecturer & Speaker

Shadid Lewsis is a lecturer with Black Dawah Network. Shadid Lewis is the former president of The Islamic Research and Propagation Center in Comparative Religious Studies. He has studied and completed courses in Sciences of Quran, Islamic Family Law, and Studies of Understanding Hadith at the American Open Islamic University of Fairfax, Virginia.







Ismael Bilal Saleem

                                                                                       Position: Black Dawah Network Lecturer & Speaker

Ismael Bilal Saleem is a speaker for Black Dawah Network.   He is the author of several books including God the Irresistible, The Most Important Thing in the World, Does God Hate Black People,  What God said about Jesus, FAQs about Islam, and 50 Myths about Islam.  Ismael Bilal Saleem sees the importance of  Dawah in the African American community because he believes every solution that we are searching for or in need of is in Islam.










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