Black Dawah Network Presents: Islamic Outreach Event in Birthplace of Malcolm X in Omaha, Nebraska.

“Before Islam, I remember very specifically the condition I was in out here shooting at people, getting shot at, selling dope… it was the Muslims who came to me and began to change me and began to change my thinking. They didn’t come with money, they didn’t come with anything other than enlightenment  and some wisdom.”  states Qasim Shabazz.

Black Dawah Networks’ Dawah Coordinator: Qasim Shabazz.

Black Dawah Network is an Islamic outreach organization that focuses on the promotion of Islamic values and virtues within inner-city Black communities most  impacted by the legacy of Jim Crow, redlining, and other manifestations of institutional racism. Inspired by what the message of Islam did for him.  Qasim Shabazz has taken on the role as a dawah coordinator for Black Dawah Network . He will be assisting Black Dawah Network in organizing Islamic Outreach events through Black communities.

Within the past month, The Black Dawah Network has organized dawah events across hoods throughout Black America. On October 12th, The Black Dawah Network worked to share the message of Islam with “O-Block” a street corner of Chicago that recorded the highest amount of gang homicides and which pioneered drill rap. Next, Black Dawah Network took the message of Islam to a birthplace of “trap rap” in Atlanta.

Then the Black Dawah Network took the dawah to the  Altgeld Garden Housing Projects in Chicago.  Now, on December 15th, the Black Dawah Network will be hosting an Islamic outreach event in the birthplace of Malcolm X, Omaha Nebraska.

Dawah in the Birthplace of Malcolm X


Omaha, Nebraska holds significance because when Malcolm X was still in the womb of his mother Louise Little  the Ku Klux Klan came to his house in Omaha brandishing shotguns, rifles, and demanding to see Malcolm X’s father Earl Little, a proponent of black empowerment. When he was four years old, the Ku Klux Klan harassed Malcolm X’s house wherein they smashed all the windows of house. Eventually, Malcolm X’s father was brutally murdered by the Ku Klux Klan.

However, Black Dawah Network president Hakeem Muhammad notes “The  white supremacist violence that has been perpetrated against Black America is not limited to the killings and brutality of the Ku Klux Klan. It also manifests in the form policies that Black folks in Omaha have been subjected to.  The Omaha Housing Authority implemented policies to segregate African-Americans in the Northside.  In  contemporary times, in which racism has been shifted from de’jure to defacto,  redlining is used to maintain Black Americans in a segregated state.”

The recent film “Out of Omaha” produced by rap artist J Cole provided a firsthand glimpse into the struggles facing Black men in Omaha as a result of systemic institutional racism.  The film documents the life of two twin brothers in Omaha, Nebraska. In one powerful scene, Darrell, an inactive member of the Crips, flashes a blue bandanna that represents his gang and says “I don’t know man. That’s what I’m trying to get into school so I can get us up out of this shit here.” Later he says “My life aint perfect right now, I’m still living in poverty, everyday gets hard for me. I haven’t made it out all the way either. There’s a time when the streets call me.”

These are the social conditions facing Black men in the streets of Omaha, Nebraska that has propelled the Black Dawah Network to organize an Islamic Outreach event in the “Curtis Block” of Omaha, Nebraska. The Curtis Block is a strong hold for the Crips. The Black Dawah Network will be there to deliver the message of Islam, explain how Islam can help our people overcome the pitfalls the system of white supremacy sets up for Black men in the streets, and providing free Qu’ran and Autobiographies of Malcolm X to Black youth who want to learn more about Islam.

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