Black Dawah Network Announces Advisory Board and ICNA Dawah Conference Presentation



The Black Dawah Network has selected its 2020-2022 Advisory Board.

Since its founding in 2019, Black Dawah Network has become best known for inspiring African American Muslims to promote Islamic values and virtues within inner-city Black America.

God-Willing, the Black Dawah Network will share how to reach urban Black America with Islam at the September 26, ICNA Dawah Conference. This virtual conference is open to the public.

Black Dawah Network Advisory Board is as follows:


Attorney Muhamad Ibn Basheer, Esq-has specialized in criminal and constitutional law for 23 years.  He led the Institute for Policy Studies’ Criminalization of race and poverty project on the topic of Defending Black  America.






Dr. Muhammad Khalifa- author of the book, Leading with Community: Culturally Responsive School Leadership for Minoritized Youth (Harvard Education Press) and a widely recognized university professor.  His article ‘That racism thing’: a critical race discourse analysis of a conflict over the proposed closure of a black high school applies critical race theory to understanding the school closures in African-American communities.









Dr. Nisa Muhammad- a highly acclaimed university Muslim chaplain that specializes in sharing the joys and challenges of being Black and Muslim on college campuses. She also provides pastoral care to Black Muslim college students across the country.








Shareef Muhammad (Frank Beane), Director of Research-is an African American history professor at Georgia State University and Gwinnett Technical College. He has also taught courses on Islamic Studies at Spelman University.










Hakeem Muhammad, President-is the founder of Black Dawah Network.  Mr. Muhammad has taught debate and argumentation at Harvard University, U.C Berkeley, and Michigan State. He is a former fellow of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and has engaged in numerous legal work on behalf of African-American victims of police brutality and prosecutorial misconduct.









This advisory board was selected with the goal of producing African-American Muslim thought leadership for the broader black community. The selection committee chose African American Muslims who both exemplify Islamic ethics and who actively work for the betterment of the African-American community in their professional lives.



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