Muslims Must Combat Anti-Black Racism in Our Communities

    African-American Muslims have forged a ‘Black Muslim Tradition’ in this country with their

Hakeem Muhammad speaks with rap artist Gwapo Chapo on the struggle facing Black Men in the inner-city.

          Surrounded in scenery of dilapidated houses, food and liquor stores;

Why was Malcolm X’s Janazah at a Black Christian Church? 

Malcolm X is an excellent ambassador of Islam to inner-city Black communities.  Those inner-city Black

The Making of the Hood in Atlanta

For many Atlanta is meant to be the Black Mecca, the coming of new south.

The Making of The Hood in Chicago

“Born in 92, I grew up with no dad ni***a” and “This is for my

The Making of The Hood in Brooklyn

New York is the heart of the Yankee dome and the pinnacle of the American

Usury: Financial Cancer Eating the Black Community and the Islamic Cure

  All anyone need to do is drive through the inner-city and they will see

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