Combating Anti-Blackness in Muslim Community

An African American Muslim Response to Daniel Haqiqatjou & White Sharia

  Daniel Haqiqatjou is the founder of Alasna Institute and the Muslim Skeptic which is

A Closer Look at Dr.Abdullah bin Hamid’s Rejection of Critical Race Theory. What is it Really About?

(Editorial note: This article is part of a series by Professor Shareef Muhammad titled Demystifying

Zaytuna Professor Dr.Abdullah bin Hamid Ali Undermines Plight of Black America and Betrays Black Muslim Tradition

  African-American Muslims have forged a ‘Black Muslim Tradition’ in this country with their sweat

Muslim & Critical Race Theory: A Response to Abdullah Andalusi’s Poor Sequel.

 An association fallacy is an informal inductive fallacy which uses an irrelevant association (often by

Daniel Haqiqatjou and White Sharia: A Black Muslim Response

      Danie Haqiqatjou is the founder of the Alasna Institute and the Muslim

Refutation of Abdullah al Andalusi’s Why Muslims Do Not Need Critical Race Theory

  The Quran says in surah Al-Hujurat ayot 13: “We have created you male and

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