Black Dawah Network Launches Online Course: Challenging Black Orientalism.

The Black Dawah Network will be launching the online African-American Dawah Academy. This online academy

Polight’s Biggest Scam: Repeating White Orientalist Lies Against Islam!

Brother Polight is the most flamboyant character in today’s dwindling Black “Afrocentrist”  conscious community. A

How White Orientalist Duped the Black Conscious Community


Five Dumb Statements About Islam by the UK’s “Counter-intelligence Agent” Sa Ra Garvey Refuted

 Five Dumb Statements About Islam by the UK’s “Counter-intelligence Agent” Sa Ra Garvey Refuted The

Afrocentrist Flops in Critiquing the Marriage of Aisha(RA) and The Prophet Muhammad, pbuh.

Islam has a proven track record of producing actual Black revolutionaries. This includes Sister Safiya

Correcting the “Young Pharaoh’s” Lies About Islam


Correcting Chancellor William’s The Destruction of Black Civilizations on Islam

What if Chancellor William’s book The Destruction of Black Civilization was updated in 2019? What

Islamic Contributions To The Black Liberation Struggle


Afrocentrist Myth Busting: Did Arabs Force Islam on Black people in Africa?

Members of the Black conscious community often assert that Islam spread to Black Africa through

A Summation of the Arguments and Rebuttals to the Afrocentric Criticisms of Islam in Africa

In this article by Professor Shareef Muhammad, he summarizes arguments and rebuttals to Afrocentrist criticisms

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