Dawah material

Oh Black Hebrew Israelites: Why Worship a God In Need of Rest?

  Though Al-Islam is the fastest growing religion/way of life on earth, it is not

Islamic Contributions To The Black Liberation Struggle


Afrocentrist Myth Busting: Did Arabs Force Islam on Black people in Africa?

Members of the Black conscious community often assert that Islam spread to Black Africa through

A Summation of the Arguments and Rebuttals to the Afrocentric Criticisms of Islam in Africa

In this article by Professor Shareef Muhammad, he summarizes arguments and rebuttals to Afrocentrist criticisms

The Muslim Blueprint for debating Afrocentrists and conscious-community

Blueprint for debating Afrocentrists and conscious-community by Professor Shareef Muhammad 1. Assert that Islam in

The Conscious Community Cannot Stop The Rise of Islam in Black America.

“It is Allah Who sent His Messenger with the guidance and the way of life of

From Young Pharaoh to Seti: The Islamic Solution To The Decaying Black Conscious Community

At the forefront of a futile effort to inhibit the rise of Islam in Black

Lessons from the life of Lady Fidda For Oppressed Black Communities

(During this Black History month, we will look at important Black Muslim historical figures and

Chicago’s Violence: What the White Media Leaves Out!

On August 6th, the media reported that  72 people were shot with 13 killed over

Black Marxism: An Islamic Critique

The Islamic Critique of  Black Marxism contrasts how both traditions conceive of the existential reality

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