Who was Safiya Bukhari?

  Safiya Buhkari worked to challenge oppression as a devoted member of the Black Liberation

Bringing The Dawah to Oakland, California

The Muslims organized an Islamic outreach event in Oakland to give the dawah to Islam

Muslims Must Be Leaders in the Fight Against Racism in the United States

  Black Dawah Network believes that Muslims must be leaders in the struggle against racism

Black Dawah Network Launches National Dawah Campaign in New-Orleans, Louisiana

                            The Black Dawah Network (BDN) launched a National Dawah Campaign, October 15, 2020 to

Black Dawah Network Launches New Publication: What Black America Must Know About Their Enslaved African Muslim Ancestors!


Black Dawah Network Announces Advisory Board and ICNA Dawah Conference Presentation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE— 9/16/2020 The Black Dawah Network has selected its 2020-2022 Advisory Board. Since

The Truth of Why Malcolm X’s Janazah Was at a Church Instead of a Mosque?

                Malcolm X is an excellent ambassador of

Ibn Ali Miller and the Impact of Islamic values on Inner-City Black America

Ibn Ali Miller caught the world’s attention when a video went viral of him stopping

Abdullah Al Andalusi’s Embarrassingly Bad Argument Against Critical Race Theory!

 In a talk titled “Taking the Middle Way: How Muslims should navigate Western society polarised

An African American Muslim Response to Daniel Haqiqatjou & White Sharia

  Daniel Haqiqatjou is the founder of Alasna Institute and the Muslim Skeptic which is

Conveying to Black America What Islam Is

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