Black Dawah Network Comic #7: How Can You Be Pro-Black and Muslim?


Black Muslims Want to Know: What the Hell is Going on at Zaytuna College?

The Black Dawah Network amplifies the voices of inner-city Black Muslims. Our mission is to

Usury: Financial Cancer Eating the Black Community and the Islamic Cure

  All anyone need to do is drive through the inner-city and they will see

Muslim & Critical Race Theory: A Response to Abdullah Andalusi’s Poor Sequel.

 An association fallacy is an informal inductive fallacy which uses an irrelevant association (often by

Sudan & Acknowledging Anti-Blackness in the Ummah

In an interview, Malcolm X told Muslim brotherhood leader, Said Ramadan, that he founded the

Critical Race Theory and the Muslim West.

As of lately, there have been numerous efforts to impugn the legitimacy of Critical Race

Daniel Haqiqatjou and White Sharia: A Black Muslim Response

  Daniel Haqiqatjou is the founder of Alasna Institute and the Muslim Skeptic which is

Five Dumb Statements About Islam by the UK’s “Counter-intelligence Agent” Sa Ra Garvey Refuted

 Five Dumb Statements About Islam by the UK’s “Counter-intelligence Agent” Sa Ra Garvey Refuted The

Refutation of Abdullah al Andalusi’s Why Muslims Do Not Need Critical Race Theory

  The Quran says in surah Al-Hujurat ayot 13: “We have created you male and

Lil Durk: The Time Has Come For Islam In Englewood!

To my Black Brother Lil Durk,     You are a talented brother, a musical

Conveying to Black America What Islam Is

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